Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

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Thinking of throwing a Christmas party but don't know how to start? Fret not! MH's fuss-free and practical planning guide lets you have your party and enjoy it too!



  • Set the Date

While this seems obvious, consider your schedule as well as your potential guests' to determine a date that is the most ideal.

  • The Invites

You'll want your loved ones to join you in merry making so give them some time to respond to your invitation. Three weeks in advance of your event is a good bet. This gives you time to consolidate your guest list and make adjustments to the time of the event if necessary. You may even want to check the availability of your potential guests ahead of fixing a date and time for the party.

  • Think about the Menu

Surely food is one thing that can make or break your party. Few things can be worse than serving up dishes that your guests cannot eat. Do you have guests who are vegetarians or who have food allergies? Do you need to provide halal food? Be a gracious host and find out what food preferences your guests have.

  • Set the Theme

Having a theme will certainly add spice to your gathering. Go with our eco-chic theme or infuse it into other themes like ‘White Christmas' and ‘Luxe'. For something more fun, get your guests to dress up as their favourite movie characters or pull your party ideas right out of fairytales and children's classics like Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.



Elements of your theme can be integrated into various aspects from the

décor to the food to the activities lined up for the party.

The possibilities are endless. You call the shots. Have fun!



  • The Feast

Great! You've finalised your guest list! Now, the question is, how big a group are you expecting? Are you enthusiastic about whipping up some of your best dishes to pamper your guests or do you need to get a caterer? Are your guests keen on having a potluck? Whatever your choice, think about whether it is practical for the number of guests you have. Try to stick with it but be prepared to make changes if the need arises.

  • Deck the Halls

Base your décor decisions on the theme you have chosen. Well put together decorations will set the kind of ambience you envision for your Christmas soiree. Check out our eco-chic decoration ideas!

  • How to Gift?

It is important to establish a gifting system. Consider whether guests are required to bring gifts for exchange. If so, do they know who their gift will be for? Is there a set budget for the gift? Make sure no one is left out in a gift exchange. It's a good idea to have several versatile gifts on standby just in case.

  • Engage Your Guests

You want everyone to have a memorable time and the best way to do that is to anticipate the needs of your guests. Look at the profile of your guests. If there are babies and toddlers amongst your guests, you may want to set aside an area where they can rest while the adults enjoy idle chit-chat. Have some simple activities to keep young children occupied so that their parents can relax and have fun too. Party games add cheer to your celebrations and doubles up as an easy ice-breaker especially if you have guests who do not know one another. Check out Apartment Therapy online for easy party games.

  • Create a shopping list

After deciding on your theme and what food and activities to prepare for your party, it's time to go shopping!

Eat up

Cleaning up after the fun need not be a headache. To skip the washing, disposables offer convenience and they now they come in a wide array of stylish, affordable designs!

Gift Green

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Decorating Frenzy

Glitzy festive decorations can burn a hole in your pocket. Since you only use them once a year, reuse the ones you already have. Alternatively, buy them from thrift stores or make them yourself.


We all know lights are an important mood setter. To light up your Christmas, opt for LED lights which last 40 times longer than incandescent ones and use only a fraction of the electricity they consume. These versatile lights can change colour and give out less heat, providing a cooler environment. Put yourself in the best possible light! Why not?


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