Experts Say: Helping Children with the Transition: From Home to School

Planning to send your child to preschool? Here’s how to make the transition a little easier.


I’m planning to send my daughter to playschool soon but it’s a milestone that comes with a lot of uncertainty. I am expecting a lot of tears and I have no idea how to deal with the transition. I need help! 


I have been teaching in preschool for many years now, and still, I am continuously learning different strategies to help children adapt and be comfortable in school. It is challenging as every child is unique, regardless, it’s worth all the effort whenever we see our children enjoy and look forward to going to school.


Through the years, these tips are what I found most helpful. Parents should prepare their children for school beforehand. Talk about it at home and the possibilities that may happen in school. You may think that they do not understand at such a young age, but with regular reminders, they will be able to comprehend especially when the time of their first visit to the school comes.


You may also want to coordinate with their teachers and caregivers. They are the best people to help you with the transition, as they will be there for you and your child at every step of the way. It is also advisable to take note of the routines in school and try to make use of it at home: may it be from toilet training to nap time. With this, the child’s body clock and mentality will be able to cope with the changes better.


And lastly, please trust your caregivers or teachers that they will do everything they can to help your child. They work very hard to give the children in school everything they deserve in their developing years. Also, as a teacher for the early years, I believe that children are very intuitive with what their mothers are feeling. Have you seen a child cry after seeing someone cry? It is somehow the same concept. By giving your support and being ready yourself; your child will also feel the same. And with trust, comfortability will also come along.



Question answered by:

Ariane Cortez Sison

K1 Teacher

Kinderland Ministry of Education

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