3 Effective Ways to Deal with a Messy Eater

Does your toddler’s food get everywhere during his meal times? Here are 3 ways to help you avoid that mess.



There’s Food Everywhere!

Is your toddler’s food ending up everywhere around him, instead of in his mouth? It’s frustrating having to clean up all that mess after every mealtime, but messy eating is common in toddlerhood.



Everything your little one comes in contact with is a chance for discovery

and exploration, so all you can do is expect the mess and

be prepared to deal with it as best as you can.



Mess-Friendly Feeding Area

One way to do this is by making your toddler’s feeding area as mess-friendly as possible. “Ensure there’s a clear radius around where your toddler’s feeding chair is situated so that it is easy to clean up after a meal. Line this floor within this radius with sheets/garbage bags for easier cleanup,” suggests Dr Christelle Tan, specialist in Paediatrics – Raffles Specialists, Raffles Holland V.


The Right Feeding Accessories

The equipment your toddler uses during mealtimes can help minimise the mess too. Dr Tan recommends using a waterproof silicone bib with a reservoir at the bottom to catch any spilt food. If your toddler likes to play with the tableware, serve his food in a bowl with a suction base so it can stick to the tabletop, and use sippy cups to avoid spillage.


Set a time limit

Setting a time limit can also prevent your toddler from playing with his food for too long. “Ensure food is ready when your child is seated in the feeding chair and set a time limit for him/her to complete the meal, e.g. 20 to 30 mins. Once the time is up, remove the food,” says Dr Tan.



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