Reading to Your Little One Made Simple

Here are some simple tips on making reading to your child a lot more interesting.

Literacy is most commonly understood as reading and writing. But before children can read and write, they need to learn about sounds, words, language, books and stories. You have a vital role to play in helping your child with early literacy development.

Start reading to your child as early as possible. As he grows, get books that are colourful and full of illustrations that are sure to capture his attention.


If he has a favourite and you find yourself reading it over and over again, how about trying to role play his favourite scene from the story.


Maybe instead of sticking to the same ending, ask your little one how he would like the story to end instead.

Need more ideas on making reading fun and meaningful? Read on.


  • Talk about the picture on the cover page. Ask him what he thinks the story is about.
  • Read the title. Introduce the author and illustrator.
  • Start reading the story. Use appropriate tone and pitch while reading.
  •  Pause at pertinent points and ask questions to recall or predict.
  • Talk about the characters’ feelings.
  • Point out similarities and differences between the character and your child.
  • Ask your child to put himself in the character’s shoes and think if he would do the same.
  • Bring up learning points from the story.


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