Time to Play

No idea how to keep your little one busy? Here are some ideas that are simple and yet a whole lot of fun.

Move it

Grab your little one by the hand and dance like nobody’s watching. Maybe before you begin, draw the curtains so the neighbours don’t see you! Put on your favourite tunes and shake your booty to the grooves. It’s sure to put a big smile on your little’s one face.


Sing it

Have a song both your daughter and you love? Then turn up the volume and sing out loud! Add in some actions and you got yourself a performance for dad! Take it one step further and ask dad to join in as well. Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune, your child isn’t going to mind one bit.


Blow Some Bubbles

Yes, bubbles can have a pretty amazing effect on kids. Any time a stream of bubbles passes by, watch their face light up in delight as they try to chase every single one down. All, you need is a bubble gun or blower, some bubble solution and you’re all set. What fun!


Catch Me if You Can

Head to the park and play a game of catch with your little one. If the weather isn’t on your side, keep it indoors if you have enough room to run around. Take it to the next level by creating obstacles with sofa cushions, bean bags and pillows.


Walk that Runway

Create a runway that pops, literally. Lay a length of bubble wrap on the floor, tape it down and you’re done. When your child attempts the runway, it’s going to pop which are sure to lead to some giggles and grins. Have them walk, run and crawl and see how many bubbles they can pop.


Sort it

Grab some building bricks and have your tot sort them into marked containers according to their colours. You can get your kid to sort items by shapes as well. Just be sure to mark the containers accordingly.


Throw a Tea Party

Get the teddy bears and dolls ready because it’s time for a tea party. Let your little one set the table and get the food ready and sit down for a tea party. You might also want to invite some of her friends over and make it a playdate.


I Spy

Play a game of I Spy with your little one outdoors and discover just what you can spot. Take it to the park and collect some leaves and seeds along the way and try and find out which trees they come from.



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