Toddler Learning Activities

Teach your tot to recognise colours, shapes, alphabets and numbers with these easy learning activities.



Your bub’s a toddler, making it the perfect age for him to experience a diverse learning journey to help him reach his fullest potential. Hence, invest in learning time as much as playtime, or rather let them happen at the same time in order for your child to get the most worthy and valuable experience.


Recognising Colours and Shapes

The following activities can be used to teach either shapes or colours.


Colour/shape hunt

Parents can do this in a variety of ways with their toddlers. The gist of this activity is to get the child to look for toys of specific colours.



Parents can choose to draw out a rainbow, paste coloured paper into containers/boxes/on the floor

and then get their child to look around the house for toys or objects of specific colours.



Colour/shape sorting

Parents can prepare a box of different coloured items, for example, pom poms, ping-pong balls, ice-cream sticks, beads and buttons. You can get your child to sort them according to their colours. You can also switch it up to a fine-motor activity, by letting your child sort using a spoon or tongs.



Parents can print shapes together with their tots with paint and foam shapes. This can be done as a colour activity as well, by getting your child to identify the different colours during the activity.



Parents can also get tots to make shapes using coloured ice-cream sticks, cookie/shape cutters with play dough or cookie dough.


Recognising Alphabets and Numbers

The following activities can be used to teach either alphabets or numbers.


Alphabet/number hunt

Parents can print out alphabets/numbers onto different coloured cards and paste them all over the house. Parents can get their child to go around the house looking for the next alphabet/number in the sequence.




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