Staying Safe in the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re at the playground, park or beach, it pays to be safe at all times.



Children love to run and play outdoors. It’s a great way for them to test and grow their physical abilities, use up their excess energy and simply have fun. However, there could be potential pitfalls regarding outdoor play. As parents, your little one’s safety takes precedence over anything else and you want to take all necessary precautions to keep you little one as safe from danger as possible. Here are some basic safety guidelines for children.


Tricycles and other Riding Toys

Always remember to clip on a helmet to protect their head before letting your child on a tricycle, bicycle or any other ride-on toys. However, when heading to the playground after a ride, do remember to remove the helmet at it could get caught within the playground equipment and become a choking hazard. Additionally, if your little one is still not able to sit up well by themselves, do not put them in pull-along wagons with low sides as there is a risk that they might fall out.


Protection from the Sun

A sunburn or any unprotected sun exposure is a definite no-no, leading to skin cancer in the most severe of cases. Make sure that anytime your child goes out into the sun to apply sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or higher. Also, take note that the parts that will be exposed to the sun are cover with sunscreen, especially the nose, ears, shoulders and neck.



Every 90 minutes or so, you can reapply the sunscreen. It is also advisable

not to spend too much time out in the sun between 10am to 2pm,

when the sun’s rays are the strongest.



Sports Safety

Team or solo sports are great for kids. They allow children to spend time outdoors, make new friends, learn new skills, and if it is a team sport, figure out how to work as a team. While every sport has its own risk and safety regulations, there are a few general safety precautions that you can follow to minimise sports-related injuries. Firstly, always wear the proper gear such as the helmet that is specific to the sport that they are playing, protective eye gear, and the correct footwear. Make sure that everyone in the game understands the rules perfectly and that they are supposed to report any injuries immediately. Lastly, do proper warm-ups before starting any physical activity to avoid sprains or strains.


Playground Safety

Playgrounds are a toddler’s paradise and it is probably where the most accidents happen. Look for playgrounds that are suitable for toddlers.



The slides and jungle gyms should not be too high and swings should come with

an infant seat to prevent any unwanted spills. Take note of the floor surface

of the playground. It should ideally be made of a soft material to

absorb the impact of a fall.



You should let your child explore the playground by themselves but always remain close to lend a helping hand should the need arise.

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