Potty Training: The Parent-led Approach

Is your toddler ready to transition from diapers to a potty seat? Read on to find out if the parent-led approach works for you.



This method is a gentle way to introduce your child to their next milestone in life. Before you start the actual potty training, prepare your child by getting them interested in it. Encouragement and setting examples are good ways to begin. Reading stories on potty training and making it enjoyable to do so may help. Highlight to your child older siblings, cousins and friends who can either sit on the potty or go to the toilet to relieve themselves as examples he can follow.


Bring your child potty shopping and let him choose his own potty. Once home, leave the potty wherever it is visible to him and encourage him to sit and play on it while fully clothed.



When your child expresses the urge, allow him to wear a diaper while sitting on the potty.

When your child has familiarised himself with the potty chair

–usually after a few weeks – then you can begin training.



Dress your child in easy-to-remove clothing and watch your child for the signs that he needs to pee or poo (grunting, suddenly standing still, squirming, pulling at the diaper). When your child is ready and comfortable, remove the diaper and allow him to move bowels directly into the potty. Praise and reward your child for the achievement and also praise your child for cooperating. Do not punish or show exasperation when your child makes a mistake, but gently encourage him to sit on the potty the next time. Tell your child that accidents are okay and that the next time would be a success.

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