Is Your Toddler Spoiled?

We know it can be hard sometimes to not succumb to your child's demands but how do you know if your child is spoiled?



Do you find yourself always giving in to your child’s demands so he won’t make a fuss? Or does your child immediately cries and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way? If your answer to both questions are yes, then you might have a spoiled child on your hands.


Spoiled or Not?


Not sure if your toddler is spoiled or just having a bad day? Pamela See, educational and developmental psychologist at Th!nk Psychological Services lists some of the signs you can look out for in a spoiled child:

  • Reluctant to share his things
  • Needs to win in every situation
  • Makes most of the decisions in any family outing or event


Daniel Koh, psychologist at Insights Mind Centre, shares the following signs as well:

  • Uses negative emotions or behaviour such as anger or aggression to demand compliance from parents
  • Doesn’t have delayed gratification or the patience to wait for things; if demands are not met immediately, the child will display negative behaviour
  • Only cares about his own needs and wants
  • There is no communication or asking; the child only demands or yells out instructions
  • Attention cannot be shared


How Do You Behave?


The signs of a spoiled child are not just apparent by the child’s behaviour.



The way parents act towards their child can also be an indication that the child is spoiled,

such as not being able to say no to your child without him getting upset, according to See.



Koh also highlights the following ways parents may behave towards a spoiled child:

  • Loses control and authority, and feels the need to meet demands due to either feeling helpless, or excessively compensating the child
  • Feels a need to do what the child wants in order to avoid issues
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