Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Nursery

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Designing a dream nursery for your new arrival? While you’re at it, be sure that you keep your little bub’s safety in mind too.



You’ve got pins on Pinterest, colour swatches, mood boards and a theme all picked out. But have you considered the most important aspect of all – safety? Here are some simple ways to keep your precious bundle of joy safe in their own special room.


Babyproofing the Crib

As a space where babies are left alone to sleep or play, safety is paramount. The crib is important enough to deserve its own section in this article, separate from the rest of the nursery. Remember, a plain crib is the safest, even if it isn’t the cutest!



  • Ensure that the slats are narrower than 6cm so that your baby’s head can’t get between them and get stuck.
  • Make sure both the sheets and the mattress fit snugly in the crib so there’s no risk of your baby rolling into any crevices and getting stuck.
  • Use a sleeping bag or thicker PJ’s instead of blankets if you keep the air-conditioning on at night. This reduces suffocation risks.
  • Lower the mattress as your baby gets taller so that the rails can safely keep them in.



✗    No blankets and soft toys in the crib as they pose a suffocation risk.

    Don’t bother with a sleep positioner – there’s no evidence that they help reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

✗    Don’t hang anything off the sides of the cribs where your baby can reach and pull it down and cover their heads, including cot bumpers.


Around the Nursery

There are plenty of safety considerations for the rest of the nursery too.



  • Anchor all shelves and drawers to the wall so that they don't topple over.
  • Always use the safety belt while using the changing table so that your baby can’t roll off.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with childproof covers, and pad sharp corners before your bub starts crawling.
  • Put safety latches on drawers or cupboard doors to prevent little fingers getting trapped.



✗    Avoid putting furniture near windows so that your baby can’t climb up and open them. If it’s inevitable to have stuff below the windows, or if you’ve got bay windows, use safety latches so they can’t fully open.

✗    Do not let curtain or blind cords dangle as they are strangulation hazards. Cordless blinds exist now, use them! Alternatively, shorten the cords by knotting them.


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