6 Things to Know When Baby Starts Moving About

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Exciting times are ahead when your baby is on the move. Take note of these tips to keep it fun and safe for your bub.



One day your baby is lying down peacefully in her cot, and the next she is rolling over, crawling and moving around whenever she can. This is where all the fun begins as you witness your little one learn and gain so many skills. Here are a few tips to spur your baby on with her exploration and development.


Tummy Time

Tummy time is a great way to help with your baby’s motor development. Lying on her tummy will encourage your baby to lift and turn her head, thus strengthening her neck muscles.



Put some toys or colourful books in front of your baby to

encourage her to stay on her tummy longer.



You can even try placing your baby on a big exercise ball and rolling her gently back and forth. Be sure to do tummy time only when you or another adult is around to supervise.


Keep it Spacious

Once your baby starts crawling, be prepared for her to explore all that she can around the house! Keep your house as clutter-free as possible so your baby can roam around freely. Ensure there are no objects scattered on the floor that can injure your baby, particularly small ones that she might accidentally bite or swallow.


Baby-Proof Your House

Ideally, you should baby-proof your house before your baby starts crawling. Cover electrical sockets that are close to the floor, keep fragile or sharp objects away from your baby’s reach, place safety locks or latches on drawers, and keep sharp edges of furniture padded.



If your baby is transitioning from crawling to standing,

she will be pulling herself up on anything she can find, so be sure to

mount unsteady furniture to the wall.



Toys, and More Toys!

Toys are your baby’s best friend, so use them to aid her development. When your baby is able to sit up by herself, you can sit in front of her and move a ball back and forth between both of you. Or move the ball or toy around to encourage your baby to reach out and grab it. If your baby has started to cruise, you can use a push walker to help her learn to walk.


Turn the Music Up

Put on some nursery rhymes or your favourite tunes to get your baby moving. You should join in the fun too to encourage her to move along to the music. Clap your hands, shake a rattle, or create hand movements to accompany the songs. Plus, getting your groove on with your baby is a wonderful way to bond with her.


Three Cheers for Baby!

Boost your baby’s confidence in her developing skills with lots of smiles and claps! Seeing you cheer her on will motivate your baby to explore and learn all that she is capable of. Even if she takes a while to get a hold of a particular skill, always provide your baby with positive emotional




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