Smart Safety Tips When Choosing Clothes for Your Baby

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Are you making the right choices when shopping for clothes for your child?



It’s time for a shopping trip for your little one! Looking for pretty outfits can be a fun (sometimes stressful!) experience, but have you ever thought about how safe those clothes are for your child?


No Loose, Small Parts

As the Safety Authority, SPRING Singapore advises parents to check for any loose, small parts before purchasing apparel for their children.



Clothes with adornments such as buttons, bows, and diamantes may make them look pretty,

but these small embellishments can pose a choking hazard to young children.



They become all the more dangerous if the clothing item was not well-made, such as buttons that haven’t been sewed properly, thus having the potential to come loose more easily.


Location, Location, Location

According to a 2015 study conducted by the National Retail Association’s Technical Standards Committee in Australia entitled Children’s Apparel & Accessories – Product Safety Guidelines, the location of these small adornments influence their risk of becoming a choking hazard as well. For instance, small parts placed on areas that children can easily bite on, such as the end of a sleeve, pose a higher risk than those located at “lower risk zones” like the back of the garment. 


Is it Strangulation-free?

Clothes designed with loose straps around the neck area such as halter necks may not seem dangerous to adults, but for children, they can become strangulation hazards. Cords and drawstrings can also be dangerous if they are particularly long and have the ability to wrap around your child’s neck. Whenever possible, choose clothes with safer fasteners such as snaps or velcro.


SPRING Singapore provides the following tips on ensuring your child’s clothes are strangulation-free:


  • No cords and drawstrings around the hood and neck areas.
  • Shoulder straps, as well as clothes with a halter neckline, should be designed as one continuous piece (i.e. no loose/free ends, not tied together).
  • Cords and drawstrings shouldn’t be removable.
  • When untied, belts and sashes at the back shouldn’t fall below the clothing item. The same goes for cords and drawstrings of clothes that end below the crotch area.


Ouch, That Hurts!

When purchasing clothes for your child, check for embellishments with sharp edges that can injure your child such as buckles, decorative pins, and zip teeth, as they may accidentally slice or pierce the skin.



Zippers with sharp teeth may also cause your child

discomfort if it rubs against his skin.



Consider the location of these embellishments too; those placed on the front of the garment pose a higher risk of injury when the garment is being removed since it passes across the face and eyes.


Does it Fit?

SPRING Singapore advises parents to purchase clothes that fit your child’s current size, rather than buying oversized ones. Buying clothes that are bigger in size may be cost-effective, but they can cause your child to trip and fall. Not only that, oversized clothes can cause your child to be burnt or trapped.


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