What Your Baby Knows at Birth: Voice Preference

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Did you know your newborn can hold your voice in their memory from even before birth?



Voice Preference


In his book, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby, David Chamberlain, a Californian birth psychologist explains that newborns have the remarkable ability to hold your voice in memory from even before birth.


Psychologist Anthony DeCasper and colleague who worked with two-day-old newborns in France and the USA devised an experiment to test this ability. They made it possible for infants to hear different voices reading a Dr Seuss story as they suckled at different speeds.



“Measuring the pauses in sucking bursts by the second, they discovered that

the babies would suck at whatever speed was necessary to get

the sound of their mothers reading the story – they preferred her voice.”



Chamberlain goes on to explain how remarkable it is that a newborn is able to do this as these babies “had to be capable of understanding speech rhythmicity, intonation, frequency variation and phonetics. Memory experts would note that they had to hold their mother’s voice in memory while comparing it to the novel voice.”


Photo by Mindy Olson P on Unsplash

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