What Your Baby Knows at Birth: Cries in Their Native Tongue

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That’s right! The way your newborn cries mimics the tones and intonations of his or her native language.



Your Newborn Cries in His Native Tongue


News website Live Science published an article detailing the ways in which prenatal exposure to language has a very real impact on your child.



Scientists found that the way a baby cries, as soon as he or she is born,

mimics the tones and intonations of his or her native language.



In a study of French and German babies, “scientists recorded and analyzed the cries of 60 healthy newborns when they were three to five days old – 30 born into French-speaking families, 30 into German-speaking ones – their analysis revealed clear differences in the melodies of their cries based on their native tongue,” reports Live Science.


The article adds, “French newborns tend to cry with rising melody patterns, slowly increasing in pitch from the beginning to the end, whereas German newborns seem to prefer falling melody patterns, findings that are both consistent with differences between the languages.”


So, the next time you catch yourself thinking that your baby is just a growing blob in the womb, hold that thought and remember that baby is picking up on more than you think he is!

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