[Online Exclusive] Photo Shoot Reveals Rude Comments Moms have Gotten while Breastfeeding

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Society still has a long way to when it comes to mums breastfeeding in public, and this photo shoot proves it.



Despite being a natural act between mother and baby, the sight of a woman breastfeeding in public still invites stares and rude comments from people who view it as indecent, and something that should be covered up or done in private.

A photographer from Tennessee, Nicki Kaylor, has decided to try and break that stigma through a photo shoot featuring mothers breastfeeding their babies while holding up signs with rude comments they have received while nursing. Called Latched with Love, the photos reveal the realities mothers go through when they nurse in public.








In her Facebook post, Kaylor said, “The judgment and awkward stares against breastfeeding need to end. Nurturing your body is something SO special. […] Mothers who breastfeed should be APPLAUD (sic), not judged nor stared at.”

Apart from Kaylor’s photo shoot, many mothers have taken to social media over the years in an effort to raise awareness on how breastfeeding should be normalised. From your average mum down the street to celebrity mums, more women are making their voices heard to change society’s stigma towards public breastfeeding.

What do you think? Should mothers breastfeed in public or should it be kept behind closed doors?


All Image credit : Nicki Kaylor Photography


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