15 Things that Change When Baby Arrives

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There are few things that can turn your life upside down like a new baby. Here’s what you can look forward to when baby’s here.

Nothing changes your life more than the arrival of a new baby. Besides the constant diaper changes and milk feeds, here’s a look at 15 things that are likely to change when your little bundle arrives.


1. You learn to do more than two things at once

When you have a baby at home, multitasking becomes a necessity. Breastfeeding while catching up on some work email and getting a foot soak may sound like a relaxing way to spend 20 minutes or so but it does involve plenty of coordination.


2. Time becomes something you hold on dearly to

With your days filled with so much to do – think laundry, sterilising the milk bottles, diaper changes, keeping your bub happy and fed and a whole list of other household chores and duties especially if you have other children at home, time hardly feels like it’s ever on your side and you’re likely to find yourself hoping time would just slow down a bit. But once you get a routine going, you’ll be able to enjoy your days a whole lot better and may even find some time to take a breather.


3. Sacrifices come naturally

Mums all around the world have sacrificed one thing or another for their kids. Whether it was giving up their career, chasing after their dreams or something as simple as giving up their favourite TV shows, it is no doubt that mums do make sacrifices for the sake of their kids and for many, they do it without complaining. No matter the sacrifice, watching them grow and experience so much because of your sacrifices make it all worth it.


4. You feel so much more

Pride, love, satisfaction, awe and maybe even envy are just some of the emotions you’ll feel when looking at your baby. They fill our days with their laughter, tears, giggles and yes, sometimes tantrums but hey, they’re learning and growing and it’s all because of you, mum (and of course, all those around him that are a part of his life).


5. You appreciate the small things

Reaching out to hold your hand, putting his arms up so you’ll pick him up, hugging you while he sleeps, running into your arms, reaching out to make sure you’re right by his side – these simple actions show you just how much you mean to your child and it often makes your heart swell with happiness.


6. You learn so much more along the way

As your little bundle of joy grows, the world around him will not cease to amaze, and chances are you’ll find yourself learning new stuff together with him as well. You’ll also discover things about yourself – more patience, the strength you never thought you had as well as the ability to function on hardly any sleep.


7. You find yourself worrying about every little thing

New mums often find themselves watching their babies sleep and yes, while we’re admiring their perfect faces we’re also keeping a lookout for the rise and fall of their chests, just so we know they’re still breathing. If you find yourself heading to your baby’s cot every now and then, trust me, you’re not alone. You’ll soon get used to your baby’s sleeping patterns but that doesn’t mean that your worries will come to a halt. In fact, as he turns into a toddler and starts exploring, you’re likely to find yourself with a brand new list of worries.


8. Your phone is full of videos and photos of your baby

Browse through any parent’s phone and you’re bound to see photo upon photo and even videos of their kids. With our smartphones constantly by our side, it is unavoidable but it makes for a very effective pick-me-up when you’re having a challenging day at work.


9. Your priorities change

As much as you try not to let it happen, you sometimes find yourself planning your days around your child. Weekends are no longer with just spent friends…the kids are included as well. Spending quality time together as a family is what the weekends are now all about. Catching the latest blockbuster is now put on hold as you find yourself watching the latest kid’s animation or heading to the newest indoor playground.


10. So does the size of your bag

Out goes the petite weekend bags and in comes the often bulky diaper bags. Heading out with a baby in tow usually comes with a whole lot of planning and if you’re a first-time mum, you might even have a checklist to ensure you have everything that you may need before you leave your home. From diapers and wet wipes to books and toys, mums are often armed with an arsenal of items to calm tears, clean up spills and messes, tame tantrums and more.


11. Getting ready to go out takes hours

And while packing for a day out with the bub may take time, actually getting your foot out of the door can sometimes take hours. Have a bub who’s already on solids? Factor in how much time you’ll need to spend preparing and cooking his meals to bring along with you. Plus, if you have more than one kid, getting the older ones ready may also be a tad challenging. And of course, the last thing you need is your bub spitting up just as you’re about to leave!


12. You give way to messes

What used to be a pretty spick and span home has now become cluttered with toys, books and more toys. And no matter how much you tidy and organise, the mess rears its ugly head yet again in no time. So, if you’ve decided to let it go instead of going crazy over the mess, try planning your steps in advance so as to not trip over any toys.


13. You lose touch with people in your life

Parenting is a full-time job and if you’re a working mummy, there usually isn’t much time to do much else. Unfortunate as it sounds, keeping up with your friends gets that much harder especially if they don’t have kids of their own. Don’t let it get you down, though. Your friends will understand and once you get settled into your new role, you’ll be able to find some time to reconnect with those around you.


14. You love unconditionally

It is without doubt that holding your baby in your arms and looking into his eyes, you’ll feel a love unlike any other. Here’s a tiny human whom you’ve kept safe within you for nine whole months and you’ll do anything to continue to keep him safe and happy always…no matter what it takes.


15. Your bond with your parents change

As a parent yourself, you will no doubt learn and appreciate all that your parents did for you. And if they’re helping to look after your baby when you head back to work, the gratitude and love you’ll feel for them will bring you even closer.  


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