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It’s important to remember not to miss your child’s vaccination as it is vital to his well-being. Here’s why giving him the gift of the jab is essential in keeping him safe.


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. And that’s exactly why vaccinations are necessary. Vaccinations help protect your child against certain infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. Because the young are more susceptible to these diseases, vaccinating your child starts as soon as they’re born.
This is important as the first few years of a child’s life are considered to be high-risk as they do not have the antibodies to fight against illnesses, unlike mums and dads. This leaves them with a weaker immune system, which makes them more vulnerable to falling sick. And with a whole long list of possible infections that they can fall prey to, it’s impossible not to worry.

Protecting Your Child

In this day and age, there are many diseases such as smallpox, which are no longer a threat. However, there are some that are still waiting on the side-lines to strike. So what better way to protect your child from infectious diseases than through vaccination?
Some vaccinations in the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule are not compulsory in Singapore but it is strongly encouraged for children to be vaccinated.

The Consequences

Dr Veronica Tay, deputy director from the Student Health Centre, Health Promotion Board Singapore says that if your child is not vaccinated against the diseases, he may not have immunity against preventable diseases and the following can happen:

  • Your child can contract the diseases easily from another person
  • Serious complications, illnesses and even death may occur
  • Your child will spread the diseases to others who are not immune, resulting in an epidemic if too many people are infected

Not too sure what vaccination your child needs when?
Refer to the National schedule below (Attachment) to know exactly which jabs your child needs.

Keeping track of your child’s immunisation record is really simple too. Just log in to the National Immunisation Registry website with your SingPass.

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