Feng Shui Tips for Your Baby’s Room

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After going through nine months of pregnancy, most mothers would like to see their newborns settle down quickly into their new home. 


Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Some babies may cry more often than normal, some can’t get a good night’s sleep while others tend to fall sick regularly. There are also some who are prone to injury within their own rooms. Whatever the reason, this can cause unnecessary worry and stress for some young parents.


Using Feng Shui

Feng-Shui is an environmental science where the placement of items and movement of furniture within a compound can accumulate good chi, which is believed to lead to better luck.


The following are some suggestions you can use to design your baby’s room so that you can attain good chi and let it flow freely through your child’s room.


1. Hanging or placing a picture of a smiling baby in the room.



A picture of a smiling baby generates the energy of happiness and it is believed that when a baby sees it every day, he will feel happier and will grow up a happy kid.


2. Placing 4 small cups of white salt at each leg of the baby’s cot



For years, salt has been known to ward off evil. Placing it around the cot will keep the baby protected and free from any disturbance, ensuring your baby will have good sleep. Do note that if the salt turns a milky colour or becomes dirty, it should be replaced immediately.


3. Placing a Himalayan salt lamp in the room



A Himalayan salt lamp provides negative ions as well as positivity and light. This will help the baby to be less prone to illness. In addition, the light source acts as a night light, bringing light into the room.


4. The head of the baby’s cot should lean against the wall.



In school and a career, having backend support means having someone look over you. Likewise, if the baby’s cot is well supported, the baby is well-taken care off. 


5. The baby’s cot cannot be placed directly under the air con or ceiling fan

For adults, if we sleep under a beam, we will experience constant migraines and nightmares eventually causing harm to our health.


6. The baby’s room should be painted in a light colour such as white, light blue or pink. Black is not advised. 

In Feng Shui, light colours represent the yang element while dark colours represent the yin element. Likewise, people are primarily yang while dark spirits are yin. If the baby’s room is painted black it might attract unwanted dark energy, which should be avoided.


7. If the room size permits, it is best to be able to access the baby from the left or right side of the baby cot.

There is an old saying that goes by “left dragon white tiger terminology” – dragon symbolises career while white tiger symbolises relationship matters. If a person can descend from the sleeping bed by the left or right side he or she will achieve luck by attaining both career and relationship energy. However, if one side is blocked then he or she will have issues with their career or relationships.


8. Place a dried gourd in the baby’s cot.



Driedgourd is frequently used in Chinese metaphysics for its purpose of absorbing negative illness energy. By placing it in the cot, the baby will be protected from any negative illness energy.


If we can create a conducive environment for the baby to grow, then illness, sleeplessness and constant crying will be a thing of the past. The baby will grow up positive and full of good energy. As parents, we ask nothing more than this.




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