The A-Z of Baby Routines: F - J

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Routines give your baby a sense of security and confidence. From mealtimes and playtime to bath time and nap time, here’s everything you need to know about routines to incorporate into your baby's day and the benefits they can bring. Bonus: mamas and papas gain some sanity too!



F is for…

Flexible. Well-established routines help your baby cultivate flexibility from a young age as they learn to operate within boundaries.


G is for…

Growth Spurts. Allow your routine to breathe and grow with your baby’s growth spurts.



As babies discover new skills like standing up, they may want to do

it over and over again, resulting in shorter naps or refusals to go to sleep

at their usual bedtimes. Perfectly normal!



H is for…

Hang On. “Routines make life more predictable for both babies and carers,” says Jacki Roche, a midwife and health visitor from The Mother & Child Centre in Tanglin Mall. “But in my experience, parents sometimes try to establish very fixed routines a bit too early — which can make parents feel like they’ve failed when babies don’t adjust well to the routine.” So, hang on in there.


I is for…

Interruptions… A.k.a. life. Mixing things up from time to time — even if you hate it — can actually teach the young ones to be resilient.


J is for…

Joint Effort. A routine works best when both parents implement it, so it can be problematic if only you or your spouse sticks to it. Work as a team!




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