What to Look Out for in Brain Training Classes

If you’re considering sending your child to these classes, here are some things to look out for.




Choose classes that are open to the research of new brain training programmes.

“As brain development is a specialised area of training, continual growth of research in training materials may be a criteria for choosing the right place to send their children to,” recommends Jocelyn Khoo, principal of The Shichida MethodTM Singapore.


Check the quality of the classes.

As advised by Khoo, the quality of the classes should be a result of good management, trainers and environment. It is all well and good to want your child to get a headstart in his brain development, but the classes should also be an enjoyable time for your child, not a stressful one.

Choose classes that incorporate active play as a basis to stimulate brains, recommends Chong Wei Chun, brain fitness trainer at BrainFit Studio.

“The reason play is so powerful is because brains are best built when a child is actively involved in the learning process, rather than as a passive observer,” says Chong, “Guided play, furthermore, allows adults to use play to teach important concepts and build cognitive processes like attention, memory and pattern recognition.”


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