Your Preschool Questions Answered: Part 5

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It’s time for your child to head to school, a preschool that is. And while this can be a very exciting time for mum and dad, there are no doubt some worries as well – Will my child be able to cope? How do I choose the right school for my child? How will the teachers treat my child? Parents, you’re not alone. Those nagging worries are perfectly normal but you’ll be surprised just how well your child can thrive in the right environment. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a preschool and making it work.


If My Child Seems to be Falling Behind in Preschool, Should I be Worried?

Children come into preschool with a huge variety of previous experiences. These will all have an impact on their development as will their natural developmental pace. We must all be careful not to compare children. Some children may have a number of older siblings, may have additional classes, may be read to daily and encouraged to chat. These will all have an impact on their language, confidence and ability to express themselves. Regular opportunities to run, climb and play outside will have an impact on their physical development. Keep in mind that some children naturally learn how to walk, talk, read and write at an earlier age than others. In the long run, this really doesn’t mean much. Some children who only can read simple words in Kindergarten Two may go onto to be top scholars by the end of Primary School.

If your child is happy going to preschool, is able to make friends, is curious and engaged while he or she is there and is able to extend what is learnt in preschool into other areas of life, then no, you don’t need to worry. If they are making progress in all areas of development then don’t worry. 

If you still have a concern then speak to the teacher and the preschool should be able to reassure you or point you in the direction of a specialist who can support any area of development that may need additional help, but this is very rare. 


– Fiona Walker, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Schools, Julia Gabriel Centre


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