Your Preschool Questions Answered: Part 4

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It’s time for your child to head to school, a preschool that is. And while this can be a very exciting time for mum and dad, there are no doubt some worries as well – Will my child be able to cope? How do I choose the right school for my child? How will the teachers treat my child? Parents, you’re not alone. Those nagging worries are perfectly normal but you’ll be surprised just how well your child can thrive in the right environment. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a preschool and making it work.


Besides their Academic Programmes, What Else Should I Take Note of When Choosing a Preschool?

Unlike the past, we find parents nowadays are savvier about preschool education. Many want the best headstart for their child during the important early years. Academics aside, we have discovered that children who are taught how to self-regulate and think intelligently often are better prepared to overcome challenges and succeed later in life. Consequently, we see more parents choosing preschools which are good at these developmental areas.

Convenience is usually a key consideration for many parents, but also important are factors like the environment, quality of educators, parent communications, and policies. Ask yourself questions like: Is the centre inviting and appealing? Can you picture your child happily learning there? What child safety measures are there? Are the educators warm, affectionate and nurturing? How is the staff turnover? Are there regular updates on your child’s progress? Do parents need to join centre outings? Ask more to worry less!


– Cici Koh, Executive Director, Global EduHub Pte Ltd



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