Your Preschool Questions Answered: Part 2

Find the answers to your burning preschool questions right here.


It’s time for your child to head to school, a preschool that is. And while this can be a very exciting time for mum and dad, there are no doubt some worries as well – Will my child be able to cope? How do I choose the right school for my child? How will the teachers treat my child? Parents, you’re not alone. Those nagging worries are perfectly normal but you’ll be surprised just how well your child can thrive in the right environment. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a preschool and making it work.


What are Some Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Preschool?

  1. What is the school’s pedagogy? There are pros and cons of each model, so make sure you understand this.
  2. Does the school have external awards or certification? Third party validation can help identify schools which are professionally recognised for curriculum or quality educators.
  3. What is the staff turnover like? Schools with staff retention issues often have problems with consistency of service delivery. 
  4. Is the environment appealing? Check if the centre is clean, colourful, and conducive.
  5. Are outings parent-accompanied? Some centres may require parent attendance, which means working parents need to take leave. 
  6. What are the protocols for parent communications? You may desire regular updates on your child’s development and progress, so find out if the school can meet this need.
  7. Are there any hidden fees? The last thing you want is a surprise. Enrichment classes and outings may be chargeable, so clarify that before enrolling.

– Cici Koh, Executive Director, Global EduHub Pte Ltd


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