A Review of Little Green House’s Literacy Programme

As parents, we are always on the lookout for tips on how to be a good parent, and how to give the best to our precious young ones. Young children are raring to explore, experiment and experience everything that their environment has to offer. It is the ideal time to try and teach them language or social skills, because children can readily absorb and retain information. Experts say that language skills, in particular, should be fostered from a young age – we live in a world of words, and children need the proper tools and foundation to communicate effectively in future.


Having observed new Primary 1 students and the challenges they face, it is safe to say that a key skillset needed for future success is the ability to read. Without a strong foundation in word recognition, vocabulary and grammar, children will inevitably struggle with comprehension passages, sentence structuring, and also in other subjects like Mathematics! All of us have heard that mathematical problems nowadays are notorious for their convoluted phrasing, which makes it hard for one without good language skills to decipher the questions. The question though, is how to find a preschool with a good literacy programme?



Voted “Best Literacy Programme” in a 2017 ranking

Little Green House, a childcare brand established since 2005 with eight centres around Singapore, has been voted as the “Best Literacy Programme” in a recent 2017 ranking. Its quality programme comes at a pretty reasonable price – school fees at Little Green House are only $900 per month (before subsidies). No wonder parents are rushing to sign-up for school tours!

Looking more in-depth into its curriculum, Little Green House offers the Literacy SmartTM programme, which is fully developed in-house by its team of curriculum experts. The Literacy SmartTM programme focuses on three learning domains –A Fluent Reader, A Confident Speaker, and a Budding Writer – giving children a solid and well-rounded foundation in the languages.

A visit to each Little Green House centre reveals an environment filled with age-appropriate readers and activity books that reinforce the concepts taught. Wall charts and flash cards are used by teachers, alongside the sharing of current affairs and news clippings to stimulate a child’s interest in real world happenings. Also on hand are specially created audio books by the curriculum team, allowing children to easily pick up word associations and word sounds with the aid of headphones and media players.


Each term, the school adopts a unique theme and set of challenges to make learning fun and engaging. This includes “I am a budding writer”, “Hear ye, hear ye” and “Spelling Bee” for older children. Children of all ages, even as early as Nursery 1 & 2 are encouraged to pen their own stories, complete with visuals. The best entries from students are compiled into a book, to be distributed to parents at the year-end concert as door gifts.

Overall, there is a comprehensive curriculum framework that extends from the school to the home, which ensures continuity in learning by engaging parents to work with their child through activities and exercises. This strong partnership between the school and parents helps to nurture Little Green House children into fluent readers, confident speakers, and budding writers.

Interested parents can experience the award-winning Literacy SmartTM programme for children aged 18 months to six years by visiting any Little Green House centre today.

Find out more at www.littlegreenhouse.com.sg.

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