Bleeding During Pregnancy

It is usually not a cause for concern but how do you know when you should see your gynaecologist? Read more

How to Handle Pets when Pregnant

It’s time to take some precaution when handling your pets now that you’re pregnant. Here’s how. Read more

10 Pregnancy Travel Essentials

Before you lock the door behind you and head for the airport, be sure you have all you need to keep yourself comfortable while on holiday! It’s time to hit the road or the runway! But have you got all you need for your holiday? Here are some of our travel essentials for mummies-to-be. Read more

Care for Your Feet During Pregnancy

Feet bear the brunt of your increasing weight when you’re expecting. So, it’ll be wise to take preventive measures to keep them in the best of health. Read more

Pregnant and Loving It

Pregnancy sometimes has its challenges but it no doubt can have its perks too! MH lists some of our favourite advantages your bump can bring. Read more

Experts Say – Second Pregnancy & Expecting Twins

Dr Kelly Loi, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Accredited Fertility Specialist from the Health & Fertility Centre for Women answers your pregnancy related questions. Read more

Diet Changes to Make When You’re Pregnant

Are you expecting? Just what are the diet changes to make right now? MH gives you some tips to do it right. Read more

Let the Fun Times Begin!

Think you can’t have a good time while pregnant? MH lays down some fun activities you can do that are safe for you and your baby. Read more

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