Watch Out for Bullying!

Is your child being bullied? Look out for these signs.



Bullying among children also starts young and it is wise to watch out for signs that it could be happening.

Dr Vanessa von Auer, clinical psychologist, VA Psychology Centergives us a list of a few red flags:

“A bullied child or victim will change in demeanour in a variety of areas. The most common changes include but are not exclusive of:


  • Being more irritable, angry, depressed and/or withdrawn
  • Decrease in academic performance
  • Bed-wetting and/or sleep disturbances (sleeping more, sleeping less)
  • Eating less or more
  • Unexplained/sudden physical injuries
  • Reluctant to go to school
  • Consistent fearfulness”


Apart from this, psychologist, Daniel Kohat Insights Mind Centre also says that any of the following could be worth investigating: any drastic change in behaviour such as going from being cheerful to seeking isolation, mood changes, distress when going to certain place or facing a person, loss in appetite, sleep pattern changes, bedwetting, nightmares, clinging to parents, becoming aggressive, anxious, fearful, stressed, angry, loosing concentration, being constantly distracted, loosing things, breaking things or tearing clothing, getting injuries that cannot be explained or displaying an unwillingness to talk about what’s bothering him.

Although it is important to monitor a child displaying any of these signs, keep in mind that these red flags could also be indicative of other sources of stress so be sure to investigate thoroughly before determining a cause. 







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