Keeping Your Kid’s Eyes Healthy

Does your child have a vision problem? Teach them the following habits to prevent their eyesight from worsening.



If your child has a vision problem, the most common way to correct it is through wearing glasses. However, this is not a cure.


Vision problems can worsen over time, especially if your child does not practise good eye care habits, or if the vision problem is not corrected as soon as possible. Teach and instil in your child the following habits to prevent their vision problems from worsening.


Schedule Regular Check-ups

Make regular appointments for your child to get their eyes checked to monitor their eye health. If your child is already wearing glasses, regular check-ups are still essential for them. This will help to monitor the condition of your child’s eyes, and to detect any possible worsening of your child’s vision problem.



Bringing your child for an eye appointment regularly will help

them adopt this habit too, all the way to adulthood. This ensures their

eyes are in the best condition possible, for as long as possible.



Wear Correct Prescriptive Glasses

Another important note is to ensure that your child is wearing the correct prescriptive glasses, advises Dr Cheryl Ngo from the Ophthalmology Department at National University Hospital. Wearing the wrong prescriptive glasses can cause your child’s vision problem to worsen. This is also why scheduling regular eye check-ups are essential; your child’s eye doctor will be able to track if your child’s prescription needs to be changed, thus ensuring your child is always wearing glasses best for his eye health.


Take Breaks Frequently

Dr Ngo recommends parents to allow their child eye breaks every 30 minutes of doing near work. “Closing or resting the eyes, as well as looking out faraway both allow the eye muscles to relax, especially when the child has been doing near work for some time,” says Dr Ngo.


This point cannot be emphasised enough, especially in a country like Singapore where children spend a large amount of time on their school work as well as on their smartphones and tablets.



Let your child take frequent breaks from their school work,

and limit their time spent on hand-held devices.



Go Outside!

Encourage your child to play outdoors, instead of staying cooped up at home all the time. This will not only reduce the time spent on near work but also allow your child to get physically active, all of which is great for their health. 



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