Raising Active Kids

Raising Active Kids

It’s time to get out and get active. Here are some ideas for you!


Did you know that kids should have 180 minutes of physical activity throughout the day? Dr K Vijaya shares some tips for parents to encourage children to engage in regular physical activity. 
•   Interest the child in physical activity by engaging the child in a variety of activities in different environments (for the younger ones). 
•   Integrate short bouts of activity into the child’s day because children are likely to engage in intermittent bouts of physical activity while alternating with periods of rest throughout the day. 
•   Initiate opportunities where you can be physically active with the child, e.g. going on a “treasure hunt” around the house by using different locomotor skills such as hopping, skipping.
Keeping Active
No idea where to start when it comes to getting your child off the couch and into the great outdoors? Why not try some of our really simple ideas?
Balloon play
Have some leftover balloons after a party? Get out your racquets or foam bats and have a go at batting them outdoors!
Treasure hunt
A simple game of treasure hunt can keep your kids occupied for some time. Make them a list, complete with pictures so they’ll know what they’re looking for.
Take a walk
Leave the bikes at home and go for a walk along the beach or at a nearby park. 
P for play
Catch some sun while out at the park or playground. Bring a ball or a trike along for some added fun. 
Head out
Take your little ones out for some fun outdoor games such as ‘I Spy’ or ‘chase and catch’ games.
Stay indoors
Rainy days need not be boring. Play active games such as ‘Simon Says’ or let your imagination run wild and invent a few games of your own.

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