19 New Buys You Need for the Holidays!

Start the holidays right with this list of must-haves. 

With the school holidays at our doorstep, many families are probably arranging for a trip or two. If it’s your first family trip abroad or if you’re going to somewhere a whole lot further, planning is without doubt, necessary. Passports are up to date, annual leave has been applied, bags have been taken out of storage and are ready to be packed. But besides clothes and the rest of the necessities, what’s needed on a holiday? What makes it to your ‘to bring’ list? Motherhood shares some of our favourite products that are worth making some space for.



Getting Prepared

If your kids are old enough, it might be a lot more meaningful if you got them involved in planning the trip with you. Ask them where they would like to go, what would they like to see and what do they plan on doing when they get to their destination. Books on the country and places you’re visiting as well as the language locals speak might help to get them excited about their trip.


Pack Your Bags

Let your little ones be responsible for their own things with a little luggage of their own. While you may not want them to be in charge of packing their clothes, shoes and other things you’re bound to need on the trip, let them fill the luggage up with toys and books. These items may come in useful for plane rides or long road trips. 


Take Me to the Beach

When heading to the beach, what’s a kid to do except build sandcastles and watch the waves roll in. Trust me, this can keep them busy for hours on end. From castles and fortresses to burying daddy in the sand, it’s time for some fun in the sun but don’t forget the sunblock!


Bring Me Out

Holidays are usually filled with shopping so why not offload some of your child’s items and get them to carry their own backpacks. Fill it with their water bottle, snacks, wipes and a few games or toys but remember, there’s only so much they can carry so don’t overload their little shoulders. 


One for the Memories

Let your little ones relive their vacation memories over and over again. One way to do that is through photos, of course. And if they’re old enough, how about getting them a travel journal or scrapbook? That way they can write about their travels while they’re on the road and collect maps, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia that they can look back on whenever they feel like it. 


Staying Comfortable

Comfort is on top of most parents’ minds when it comes to travelling with their little travel buddies. A child kicking a fuss in                 an enclosed space like a plane or car is a nightmare for many

parents…in fact most of them board the plane just hoping that they can reach their destination without any incident. To make their travels as pleasant as possible why not keep your kids happy with some of their favourite toys or books. 



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