Keep Your Child Entertained During the School Holidays

With the holidays here, just how are you going to keep your child entertained and occupied?



The school holidays are here! Yippee for the children but what about the parents? Children often get restless during the holidays and parents find themselves at wit's end trying to keep them entertained. Knowing how to keep them meaningfully occupied throughout the whole month without tiring out the parents is also another challenge, coupled with the high cost of certain activities. Motherhood has come up with some tips to help take the stress out of it, and keep everyone happy without spending a bomb.


Bless Your Neighbourhood

Spare a thought for the less fortunate. Instead of living in their own bubble, bring your kids to look around your neighbourhood. What are the needs of the people? Are there elderly people staying in one room flats nearby? What about the construction workers and cleaners?



Blessing them with simple food and drinks and spending the

time to find out how they are may possibly teach your kids that little acts

of kindness can go a long way.



Playground Excursions

Visit some of the quirky and interesting playgrounds around Singapore. It’s free and fun! Quite a number of blogs and websites list down these playgrounds. Visit to explore 100 playgrounds located around different MRT stops. 


Library Tours

Each library is unique in each neighbourhood. Not only do they have different books and architecture, but they have different storytelling and craft activities for kids. Cultivate the reader in your child by spending time browsing and reading books together. This would be a good time to teach them how to search, borrow and return books too. Anyway, if your child can immerse himself in a book, you can then enjoy a cuppa at the nearby café. 


Life Skill Training

How many children can sew a torn shirt, repair a leaking pipe, wash and fold their own clothes, cook their own dinner or save a life through CPR? Usually, all these are relegated to domestic helpers or professionals. It’s never too late to prepare your kid to be self-reliant. If you’re unsure, make it more fun by learning these skills together with your child through YouTube or Google. Other important skills that might prove useful in the future include self-defence, coding or robotics, public speaking etc.


Learn a Musical Instrument Online

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument and among them, better brain development and neural processing. Why not start off with some of the easier and inexpensive instruments e.g. ukulele, harmonica or recorder?



Get in touch with nature. Sweat it out. According to National Parks Board, Singapore has over 300 parks and four nature reserves. That should be more than enough to occupy your kids throughout the whole holidays.



Plan nature walks, hiking, picnics, cycling, sports, anything to tire your kids out. Parents can look forward to shedding some weight too.



Camping Under the Stars

Why not try a night out at the beach as a family? Working together to set up a tent, cooking food over a portable stove, roasting marshmallows over the fire and watching a sunrise or sunset together – these will be lovely memories etched in your kid's mind for a very long time. 

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