Time to Play

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Myopia in Children

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Experts Say – Enrolling in a Child Care Centre

I’m returning to work in a few months and I plan to enrol my 18-month-old in a childcare centre. What can I expect and how can I prepare my little one for the changes ahead? Read more

Raising a Loving Child

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Baby-to-Toddler Transitions

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Start the Day of Right with Breakfast

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Language Immersion Programmes

Exposing junior to multiple languages via language immersion programmes offered by schools fuel their learning motivation. Read more

Experts Say – Getting Your Child to Listen

My daughter who is now four has begun to tell me that I keep telling her what to do and don’t give her choices. There are many times when she refuses to listen to me, even when I try to reason with her. Getting her to clear her toys can sometimes turn into a full-blown argument. How can I get her to listen to me without seeming too overbearing? Read more

Experts Say – Dealing with a Picky Eater

My son is 13 months old and he’s beginning to show signs of picky eating. He’s always been open to trying new foods but now he’s starting to get fussy with what we put on his plate. How can I prevent him from becoming a picky eater? Read more

The Importance of Breakfast

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