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Anxiety in Preschool

It might be a few months since you sent junior to school but if tears are still a daily affair, what can you do about it? Read more

10 Tips for Teaching Kids Manners

Acquiring good manners is essential for a child to interact meaningfully with others. How can you nurture a child who treats everyone with respect? Read more

You’re a Mum! Now What?

Baby’s home! You’ve waited for this day for what may have seemed like the longest time, but now what? Here’s what you can expect in the first few weeks with a brand-new baby. Read more

Kids’ Guide to Organic Food

MH speaks to the experts on what you need to know when making the switch. Read more

Reinvent Breakfast with Heinz

Rise and shine! It looks to be a perfect day out with your family and little ones but first things first, breakfast. Yes, it’s true — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Read more

Real Life: Supermum Carmen

Five-year-old Issac has Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome (RTS), also known as Broad Thumb–Hallux but holding his hand is Carmen Chai, his amazing mummy who handles it all. Read more

Pregnancy and the Risk of Thyroid Disorder

How do you know if you’re at risk of thyroid disorder during pregnancy? Read more

Cow’s Milk Allergy 101

Here’s what you need to know to figure out if your baby’s fussiness is typical baby behaviour or a sign of cow’s milk allergy. Read more

Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Mums

With your days filled ferrying your kids from one place to another or meeting deadlines, it can get a tad challenging to sit and have a healthy meal. MH shows how you can get all the nutrition you need every day. Read more

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