The Importance of Good Nutrition

On a mission to ensure your child is getting all the nutrients he needs? Here’s what you should know when it comes to feeding your growing child. Read more

Taming that Tantrum

Your child will probably go through a temper tantrum once in a while. MH shares how to cope. Read more

Dealing with Common Nutrition Issues

When it comes to ensuring your child is well nourished, key areas to pay attention to are the quantity and quality of food he eats and his mealtime behaviour. Read more

Tips for Raising Happy Kids

Take a leaf from experts on how to nurture happy learners. Read more

Is My Child Ready for School?

Is your child gearing up for school? Here’s how to know she’s ready. Read more

Creating Happy Learners

It is without a doubt that happy children learn better. So how exactly do you raise happy learners? MH has the answers. Read more

7 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen Now!

If it’s getting increasingly difficult to get your kids to listen and cooperate, read on for some tips and tricks. Read more

The Family Bed

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep…that is the question. Find out all you need to know about co-sleeping before you make that all-important decision. Read more

Go on, Get Happy

Every parent wants to keep their baby happy. Here are some tips to raising a happy baby. Read more

Time for a Break

Just how are you going to fill the week-long holiday? MH has some ideas for you. Read more

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