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More Ways to Help Your Children Form Good Eating Habits

Here are more tips to teach your child to practice healthy eating habits. Read more

15 Ways to Protect my Child’s Teeth

Here are 15 top tips for keeping milk teeth healthy and clean. Read more

Pregnant and Loving It

Pregnancy sometimes has its challenges but it no doubt can have its perks too! MH lists some of our favourite advantages your bump can bring. Read more

Ways to Help Your Children Form Good Eating Habits

Parents, you play a key role in developing your child’s eating habits. Find out how to make the most of your influence over your children with these tips from the experts. Read more

Brave Heart

At three weeks of age, Reuben and Joceline discovered that their little one, Adrianna, had a congenital heart condition. They share their journey through six open-heart surgeries over five years, each one carrying the risk of death. Read more

Experts Say – Starting on solids

Dr Varsha Atul Shah, Senior Consultant, Department of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine, SGH, answers your health related questions Read more

Helping Your Child Who Stutters

So what can parents do if their child stutters? MH speaks to the experts. Read more

Experts Say – Is my child gifted?

Belinda Goh, Director of Schools from Posso Preschool answers your questions on your budding preschooler. Read more

Experts Say – Second Pregnancy & Expecting Twins

Dr Kelly Loi, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and Accredited Fertility Specialist from the Health & Fertility Centre for Women answers your pregnancy related questions. Read more

Stuttering and Your Child

Stuttering can be common in your little one—after all, he’s got so much going on in his mind and he’s still getting a grasp of the language. But how do you know when your child needs help? Read more

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