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New Mum’s Buyers Guide: All Cot Up

Stressing over buying the perfect cot or playpen? No idea where to start? MH brings you some starter tips. Read more

Hepatitis A and B Vaccinations: Why You Need Them

Find out when and why your child needs to get these vaccines. Read more

Raising Food-smart Kids

10 ways to help your child develop a positive relationship with healthy food.  Read more

Baby Skin Basics

Your newborn’s skin is so sensitive. Don’t worry – rashes are common during baby’s first year. Learn how to keep your baby’s skin smooth and healthy. Read more

7 Secrets to Toddler Discipline

It is never too early to discipline a toddler. In fact, right from the beginning, even as babies, parents are already setting boundaries.  Read more

Tips for Toy Safety

Sure it is tempting to expand your little one’s toy collection with all those colourful treasures. But it pays to choose wisely. If you're not careful, toys can be hazardous, too.   Read more

Myths about Breastfeeding

You’ve probably received loads of advice on breastfeeding but how do you separate the truths from the myths? Read more

Breastfeeding and Your Diet

Now that you’ve given birth, you're not finished eating for two quite yet — here's how to get the right nutrition to provide your baby with a liquid lunch and everything in between. Read more

Biking Buddies

While mums often regale each other with their latest exploits with the kids, dads on the other hand, scratch their heads when it comes to spending quality time with their children. In Singapore, besides promises of treats at the mall and expensive staycations so that daddy can get away from the office, have you given thought to cycling?   Read more

Morning Sickness Plays a Role

In Pregnancy
Published: Wednesday, 10 December 2014 17:29

Morning sickness of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy actually serves a beneficial function by protecting both the unborn and the mother-to-be.  Read more

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