Oodles of Goodness

Looking to change things up and add a little nutritious variety to your baby’s diet? Heinz Farley’s Baby Noodle is the way to go!  Read more

Nurturing Your Gifted Child

Did you know that a gifted child requires learning support as much as a slower learner?  MH finds out what you need to know about nurturing your gifted child. Read more

Is My Child a Genius?

If you’re wondering if you have a genius in the making, you’re definitely not alone. But how do you really know if your little one is really gifted? MH speaks to the experts and susses out the basics to help you identify signs of giftedness in Junior. Read more

Creating Creative Kids

Is creativity some sort of fairy dust sprinkled on a privileged few? Is it possible to teach your kids creativity? Read more

The Sound of Music

Philosopher Aristotle believed that music is a form of structured leisure and thus aids in cultivating the mind. MH finds out what music really teaches your little ones. Read more

The Lowdown on Antenatal Classes

Attending a prenatal class helps you prepare for labour and beyond. Here’s what you can expect from a prenatal class and why you should make it a part of your pregnancy journey. Read more

10 Superfoods for Babies

MH dishes out what the best foods for your babies are and why. Read more

Lessons in Love

Marriage is a work in progress and both partners need to recognise that. There are really no “secrets” to happily-ever-after. Find out the practical things you can do every day to strengthen your marriage. Read more

I Need More Time!

Time  it is always something we never have enough of. So what’s a mum to do when she constantly feels like she’s running out of time? Look for shortcuts of course! Try some of our time-saving methods – some you might be already doing – but hey, everyone needs a little help every now and then! Read more

My Child is Aggressive

MH outlines the potential causes of childhood aggression. Read more

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