What’s in the Water?

Heading out to the pool? Know about these health hazards. Read more

Stay Safe in the Water

Before you head out to the pool or beach these holidays, do you know all there is to know about water safety? Read more

Give Your Child a Head Start in Learning

In the first year of life, your baby will develop at a faster rate than at any other time. The experts share how to give your child a head start in learning. Read more

What’s On the Timetable?

Ever since the little one started school, your home is slowly filling up with drawings and all sorts of crafts that were done in school but have you ever stopped to wonder what he really learns in the classroom? MH breaks it down for you. Read more

The Tech Classroom

Technology is everywhere and with some preschools using tablets to teach part of the curriculum, can children learn with the help of technology and how does one strike a balance? Read more

Surviving a Public Meltdown

You’re out and instead of behaving, junior is on the floor having a meltdown. The stares you get leave you wishing the floor would open up and swallow you whole. But of course, that doesn’t happen. Exactly how does one handle a screaming toddler when all eyes are on you? Read more

Making Every Milestone Count

From the ages of three to five, your little one will hit many milestones. Help your child reach his full potential with these tips. Read more

Learning Differences

Do boys and girls learn differently? MH finds out. Read more

Hitting those Milestones: Age 5

Your little one is growing up fast! But is he hitting his milestones like he should? Read more

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